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Support for You

How we can help you

Your world has been turned upside down. Both you and your children are grieving a devastating loss.  Where do you go from here? How will you manage? 

The loss of a parent can be an incredibly difficult experience for children and their families. Our Adventure Based Healing Program provides a supportive environment for families to heal and connect with others who have gone through similar experiences. We offer a variety of free events and activities for families who meet our mission criteria. If you are a co-parent, spouse, or guardian with children under the age of 20 who have lost a parent, please visit our contact page and our mailing list for "Surviving Family Members" to stay updated on upcoming private events.


We offer assistance and support for surviving children and families through:

  • Peer to Peer Adventure Based Activities and Togethers.

  • Financial Assistance.

We will extend further support as additional resources become accessible through donations and fundraising activities. To apply for consideration, kindly complete the application provided in the link below. It is important to acknowledge that our capacity to provide supplementary aid beyond what has been specified hinges on the generosity of our sponsors, donors, and volunteers. All applications will undergo thorough evaluation, adhering to specific criteria for qualification. The provision of assistance will be subject to availability.

If you have any additional questions or require immediate assistance, please feel free to email us at 


Lynn's actual signature taken from her children's many birthday cards was used to create the Love Mom XOXO Foundation, Inc's logo.

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