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About Lynn Nespoli Lewis

Lynn was a beloved member of our family who touched the lives of everyone she met. She was a kind and caring person who always put others before herself. We created this page to honor her memory and share with you the impact she had on our lives. Thank you for taking the time to learn who Lynn was and why she was so special.

Our childhood was amazing so many memories, holidays, family vacations and family picnics to name a few.  My parents made everything so special for us and Lynn did everything to follow suit and she did it exceptionally and with ease.  We could go on for hours about Lynn and what she meant as a sister, a mother, a daughter, a wife and a friend. If there is any lesson to be learned from Lynn's passing it's "Live Life More Like Lynn".  She had a heart of gold and would do anything, for anyone.

Family was everything to Lynn, she talked to our Mom every day. We often wondered what they could possibly have to talk about for that long.  When it came to the holidays, Lynn didn't just "stuff her childrens' stockings" - she wrapped everything right down to a pencil because nothing gave her more joy than seeing her children that morning unwrapping each and every present - just like our parents did when we were little.  Family vacations, the beach, trips to the casino - her favorite, and for those who never had the lucky experience of Black Friday shopping with Lynn, it was comparable to a Top Secret mission carefully planned and mapped out to make sure she got everything her kids wanted. Lynn was our hub - our go to. If you needed any information, to know what was going on, or even a simple thing like a recipe.  Lynn was the one you would call.  We miss just randomly stopping by her house and hearing that "HI!!" when we walk through the door. Anyone who knows us, knows we were always heading to "Aunties" whether it was to enjoy a summer day, a rainy night - or just for no reason at all. Her door was always open. Yea, we knew the risk of possibly being roped into a game of Mexican Train or a new craft she wanted us to try - but we did it without hesitation because anytime spent with family was worth the risk.

Lynn was the fabric of her hometown Newtown community as a teacher and a friend to so many. In reading the hundreds of tributes to her after she passed suddenly, it is amazing the impact she had on so many people. To everyone, Lynn was known for her forever upbeat personality and infectious laugh.  As a coach and dance instructor her big smile lit up a room, dance stage, cheer mat and playing field. Our Dad always said that if she were ever to confront a brick wall as an obstacle in life, she would simply smile and the wall would fall down. Lynn's house was a home, always a destination for Sunday pasta dinners, holidays, summer BBQ's, cookie making parties, and really any or no reason at all for friends and family to get together. Her cooking and recipes were legendary. Lynn truly believed in living every moment to its fullest.  She was kind to everyone and we can honestly say there was not a bad bone in her body.


When she married her husband Al, he welcomed and carried on our family traditions with her - they were so important to Lynn. Thank you Al, for encouraging and supporting Lynn in raising your children as our parents raised us, and living your lives as my parents did theirs. Thank you for loving Lynn, taking care of her and making her a wife and a mother - you were her soulmate. She lived for her family - she was a true "Mama Bear". She never missed an opportunity to tell her children how proud she was of them. She celebrated everything they did, no matter how big or small and always put others before herself. There wasn't a Dr. Suess celebration with Green Eggs and Ham that she didn't miss for her children, with the Birthday Balloon Fairy being her signature celebration. Derrick, Gina and Tori, her children, were her WORLD. She was so proud of her children and they her greatest accomplishments in life and it showed each and every day. When you look at each one of her children, you not only see their Mom, but you hear their Mom. They each have inherited very special qualities from her and all have a piece of her heart that will be with them everywhere they go. Derrick, his loving nature and his love for gatherings and people just being around. Gina's amazing strength and her Mom's competitiveness and Tori, her sweetness and kindness - she is her Mom's mini me.  Looking at all of them brings back so many childhood memories of Lynn. They all have their Mom's heart of gold and her devotion to family.  This was not the way life was supposed to go for any of us or for any other family - and although our family chain has been broken we know Lynn is looking over each and every one of us as our Guardian angel now. We are doing this Foundation in your memory Lynn, to help other families and for the devastated family you left behind.  It has been hard since you've been gone.  Everyone misses you, especially Al and the kids. As we build this Foundation, we hope to keep your light shining and help so many others who are going through a difficult time such as we are. We hope you are smiling as you always did and we have made you proud!

Love and miss you always,

Your Family and Friends

The Love Mom XOXO Foundation, Inc., is a family bereavement non-profit focusing on surviving parents and their children.

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