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Our Mission

The Love Mom XOXO Foundation, Inc., is a family bereavement 501(c)(3) nonprofit focusing on providing peer to peer support and assistance to families with children who have suffered the loss of a parent/co-parent.


Our mission at the Love Mom XOXO Foundation, Inc. is to perform activities which can be used to promote the development and access to resources which can be used to help families and their children who suffered the unexpected or untimely loss of a co-parent and parent.  Our focus is to engage the children and their parent in a peer to peer support environment, utilizing fun, community based activities and events.


The loss of a parent is a very stressful and emotional time not just for the children but also for the surviving parent left behind.  As they navigate through these unchartered waters and changes - everyone is trying to find their place.  It can be extremely stressful for both the child and the parent. According to a study put out by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh, "Bereaved children suffer from higher rates of depression especially during the first 2 years... as well as higher rates of PTSD at all time points" (see link below). For the surviving parent, they have often explained a feeling of being pulled down a dark path while trying to cope. Their children need them to be strong and stay focused, which can be extremely challenging for them during this difficult time. Our hope is to help those parents stay off that dark path and provide them with various resources and peer to peer support systems to help them navigate as they assume this new unexpected dual role. 

The death of a loved one can change so many things for so many people left behind.  It can take even the strongest of families and change them.  This Foundation has the opportunity to not only help children and the parents left behind, but also help extended family members as well.

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Lynn's actual signature taken from her children's many birthday cards was used to create the Love Mom XOXO Foundation, Inc's logo.

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