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We are often told when a loved one passes, that keeping a journal can help us through the grieving process....


The Love Mom XOXO Foundation is now carrying the "Messages to Heaven" Memorial Sentiment Box which was created as an alternative to journaling.  The "Messages to Heaven" Memorial Sentiment box can be placed at loved ones gravesites* or in the comfort of your own home.   Loved ones can insert special occasion cards, photos, memorabilia, knick knacks, keepsakes and messages when they are missing and thinking about their loved ones. This can be especially helpful for children who have suffered the devastating loss of an important person in their life.


The "Messages to Heaven" box is made of galvanized steel, with waterproof labeling.  withstanding most weather elements.  Regularly emptying contents is suggested. Each "Messages to Heaven" Memorial Sentiment Box comes packaged  in a "Keepsake Box" which can be used to store the emptied contents for years to come.  The "Keepsake Box" can be handed down to generations to memorialize your loved ones.


We hope this "Messages to Heaven" Memorial Sentiment Box will help you find some comfort during this most difficult time.


*"Messages to Heaven" Memorial Sentiment Box is a That Smile! product owned by the DGT Holdings Group and is not responsible for the security of personal items that are left inside the boxes. Please do not leave valuable items. Please contact the cemetery for any restrictions regarding box placement or permission. Affixing items not included.


"Messages to Heaven" Memorial Sentiment Box

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