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Running now thru December 15th

If you are a family whose children have suffered the loss of parent or co/parent and would like to submit a Christmas Wish List, please click link below.  Please submit child's name, age and 3 Christmas wish items.  Deadline to submit is December 15th.

Please click here to submit your list!

Terms and Conditions: The Love Mom XOXO Foundation will do its best to grant the items wished. Substitutions may be necessary and anywhere from 1 to 3 wishes may be granted per child depending on the value per item. Wish items must be in the form of goods ie toys, clothing items, gift cards, small electronics, gaming items or sporting goods. Children 18 and under who have suffered the loss of a parent and reside in the State of CT qualify to participate.

If you are a family who lost a parent or co-parent, please email us at survivors@lovemomxoxo.org to be added to our contact list so that we can keep you informed directly of events or ways in which we can help. 


 The goal for The Love Mom XOXO Foundation is to offer resources and support for co-parents and children suffering from the loss of a co-parent/parent.

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Lynn's actual signature taken from her children's many birthday cards was used to create the Love Mom XOXO Foundation, Inc's logo.